Nail Enhancements

Sculpted Nails Full Set (Gel or Acrylic) - $90 

Ready to up your nail game? We sculpt our nail enhancements for a beautiful result that allows you to showcase your personal style.

Sculpted Fill - $57

Refresh of grown out nails with your choice of French tips, French fade, or gel polish.

Back-fill - $45

Refresh of grown out nails in natural pink or clear.

XL Length - $10

For dramatic length.

Nail Repair - $5-$10

Had an accident? We got you

Nail Enhancement Removal - $30

Need a break? No problem. Book an appointment to have your nail enhancements removed properly to keep your natural nails happy.

Gel Polish - New - $40

New application of gel polish.

Gel Polish - Change - $45

Removal and reapplication of gel polish.

Gel Polish - Removal - $20

Missing your natural nails? No problem. Book in for a removal to keep your nails happy!

Art - $5 and up

Want to really showcase your personal style? We'd love to help you out! Be sure to discuss your ideas with your nail artist before your appointment so that we can book the appropriate amount of time.